Holy Wisdom Orthodox Mission
1355 North 4th Street • Grand Junction, CO 81501
(On the corner of North 4th Street & Kennedy Street)

holywisdomorthodox@gmail.com • 720-295-7715
A mission parish of the
Orthodox Church in America , and the Diocese of the West
Welcome! Come worship with us according to the ancient Apostolic Orthodox Christian tradition!
The common worship services held weekly at Holy Wisdom Parish are:
Weekend Worship Services:
Saturday Evening: Great Vespers at 6:00 pm
Sunday Morning: Divine Liturgy at 9:30 am
Weekday Worship Services:
Wednesday Evening: Paraklesis at 6:00 pm
(Feast Days: As scheduled – see calendar)

Great Vespers


Hours & Divine Liturgy


Orthodox Liturgical Worship Services

Orthodox Worship is the active participation of the faithful to glorify and praise God, as well as to supplicate and thank Him.

Our worship remains consistent since the early Church, drawn from Old Testament synagogue and Temple practice. Read more...

Fixed Portions of the Services

Most Liturgical Services consist of both “fixed” and “variable” parts. For example, the unchanging part of the Divine Liturgy is contained in the link above, titled “Hours & Divine Liturgy.”

Melodies for the “fixed,” or “unchanging” parts, of the Divine Liturgy are the most-familiar among the Orthodox faithful.

Sheet music and recordings of Hymns commonly sung at Holy Wisdom Parish during the Divine Liturgy can be found here...

Variable Portions of the Services

The “variable” portions of the Divine Services, referred to as the “Propers,” change for each day of the year.

These are arranged according to rubrics (liturgical directions) specified in the Typikon, a book of directives and rubrics that establishes the order of divine services for each day of the year. Propers for services at Holy Wisdom Parish this weekend can be found here...

History of Orthodox Liturgical Chant

Orthodox Divine Services are chanted from the beginning to the end. Hymns and readings are either sung or intoned.

This has been the consistent tradition of the Christian Church from its very inception in the Apostolic era. Read more...