Holy Wisdom Orthodox Mission
1355 North 4th Street • Grand Junction, CO 81501
(On the corner of North 4th Street & Kennedy Street)

holywisdomorthodox@gmail.com • 720-295-7715
A mission parish of the
Orthodox Church in America , and the Diocese of the West

Welcome to Holy Wisdom Orthodox Church!

We are always blessed to have visitors, and we are truly glad to welcome you to our Church.

Getting to the Church
Our Directions will help you find us. We are located in Grand Junction, Colorado on the corner of of North 4th Street & Kennedy Street, just two blocks east of Sherwood Park and two blocks west of Grand Junction High School.

Our Service Schedule
See our Calendar for the schedule of service times and events. Our typical weekly schedule includes services on Wednesday and Saturday evenings, as well as on Sunday mornings.

What You’ll Find
We are a mission parish. Our church building is very humble, but filled with peace and love. The beauty of Orthodox worship must be experienced to be understood. The Divine Liturgy expresses the entire Christian faith in a continuous song of praise and prayer addressed to God. It is focused on God, not on us.

Orthodox worship is traditional and liturgical. The structure of our worship services has remained unchanged over the centuries. You will find that worshippers participate personally, either by singing along or in prayerful attention. Worshippers are surrounded by icons (pictures of Christ and of His saints), which remind us that we are participating with the “great cloud of witnesses” (cf. Hebrews 12:1), the saints in heaven, as they and we worship God.

Following ancient tradition, our worship services are sung or chanted in English, to ancient Byzantine and Slavic melodies. No organ or other instruments are used. The words are all from the Holy Scriptures (the Bible).

What to Expect
Orthodox Christianity is unfamiliar to many people on the Western Slope of Colorado: it was new to many of us as well!

We therefore invite you to view the following pages to help know what to expect.