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About Orthodox Christian Worship and Prayer

In Orthodox Christianity Worship and Prayer are are two interrelated activities.

Community worship is a group activity of believers, offering prayer to God according to our 2,000-year old liturgical tradition.

Personal prayer is an individual activity of a believer, offering prayer to God according to our 2,000-year old devotional tradition.

Community worship is called ”Liturgical Worship” or “Liturgical Prayer.”

Our English word liturgy derives from the Greek λειτουργία (leitourgía), which literally means “work for the people” or “public service.”

Orthodox Liturgical Worship is the activity of the faithful gathered in the local church to glorify and praise, as well as to supplicate and thank God according to the “services.”

These latter have been “handed down” (tradition) from the 1st-century Apostolic era and thus have their origins in the Biblical worship of the Hebrew people.

Personal prayer is a daily activity, consisting of Morning and Evening Prayers, reading the Holy Scriptures, and reciting the “Jesus Prayer.”

Morning and Evening Prayers can be found in the many excellent Orthodox Prayer Books.

Personal Prayer is further discussed on our “Daily Prayer” web page, which also contains links to texts of Morning and Evening Prayers.

An important aspect of Orthodox Daily Prayer is to follow the words of Saint Paul to “pray without ceasing” (cf. 1 Thessalonians 5:17) by reciting the Jesus Prayer.

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