Holy Wisdom Orthodox Mission
1355 North 4th Street • Grand Junction, CO 81501
(On the corner of North 4th Street & Kennedy Street)

holywisdomorthodox@gmail.com • 720-295-7715
A mission parish of the
Orthodox Church in America , and the Diocese of the West
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What will I experience if I come to your morning worship service?

You you will first and foremost always be welcomed and respected.

You are invited to worship with us, to experience Orthodox worship with us, and to learn about Orthodox Christianity with us.

The difference between the inside of an Orthodox church and the interiors of other churches may be quite striking to a first-time visitor. The rich beauty in an Orthodox Church is intentional. Its purpose is to help us appreciate that through worship we can experience the magnificence of closeness to God and the glory of life in His heavenly Kingdom. Read more...

You will not be pressured. We will always respect your free will and your freedom to believe and worship according to your own conscience.

You are certainly welcome to embrace the Orthodox Christian faith, and we invite you to do so. But we do not proselytize. You will find that the overwhelming majority of our parishioners are converts from various Christian traditions and denominations. Their first visit to an Orthodox Church was much like yours. Read about varios individuals’ “Journeys to Orthodoxy”...

An increasing number of individuals from many religious backgrounds are encountering Orthodox Christianity. Some are drawn by its continuity with the first-century Apostolic Church, its authentic Biblical faith, and its ancient traditions. Others are moved by its mystical vision of God and His Kingdom, by the rich beauty of its worship, and by the purity of its authentic Christian faith. Read more...

Your first visit will most likely be at our Sunday morning Worship Service. This is what you will see and experience:

At about 9:10 am a “Reader” will intone the “Hours.” This is a preparatory time, consisting of Biblical Psalms and brief prayers. Some of our parishioners come to church before the Hours, while others will arriving during this period.

At about 9:30 am the Priest will begin the “Divine Liturgy.” The Liturgy is comprised of hymns, prayers, Scripture readings, a sermon, and “Holy Communion.” The Liturgy is chanted antiphonally by the Priest, choir, and congregation.

Our invitation to you is simple and genuine: “Come and see.”

The article “12 Things I Wish I’d Known” by Frederica Mathews-Green, is a helpful – and sometimes humorous – guide to questions you might have on your first visit.

You may also wish to read through the information on our “Church Etiquette” web page.